Jack Rafn founded the Rafn Company in 1978 to consciously avoid the often times adversarial nature inherent to hard bid contracting. By personality and attitude, Jack was driven to a collaborative process in which shared goals and mutual commitment to the development process could achieve a successful, high quality, cost-effective outcome - and could continue to cultivate lasting friends. It was a novel and visionary idea that we have championed ever since.

Initially, the renovation of historic buildings was the testing ground for this team approach with owners and architects, years before the industry bantered about the terms "partnering" and "team building". These principles were then applied to both public and private commercial projects with such great success that it has become the de facto standard in our market segment. The Rafn Values born from these beginnings are:


Integrity to guarantee the quality & delivery of our work


The best people & the skill to lead the construction process


To achieve the highest standard and to make the right decisions


To our people, clients, environment, and community

For more than three decades, the Rafn Company has grown successfully on these values with a focus on negotiated work. Rafn's leadership team is committed to guiding the company to greater success by building on these values.